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The 16 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Here's what you need to know...
  • Oregon is known for its outdoor activities
  • Visitors to Oregon can choose from fascinating bed and breakfast locations such as Portland’s White House and The Willows
  • Consider adding extra liability coverage to your auto insurance before heading to Oregon

In the 1830s, the new Oregon Trail helped the British and Americans to start settling the American Northwest. The American frontier had pushed beyond the Midwestern plains and was now discovering the beauty of Oregon.

In 1846, the British and Americans agreed to a border along the 49th parallel that would allow the two countries to have territory in the Northwest that stood side by side.

On February 14, 1859, Oregon was officially added as a state, and the 49th parallel became the border between the Northern United States and Canada.

Oregon has many natural wonders that attract visitors from all over the world.

The Columbia River Gorge is considered by many in windsurfing to be the finest spot in the world to get the best consistent flow of air over a body of water. Oregon is also known for Crater Lake, which is a natural volcano that has become the largest lake in the country.

Oregon is especially known for its tourism industry, and it is famous for the many bed and breakfast establishments. If you are going to take a vacation in Oregon, then you should consider a bed and breakfast over an expensive hotel room.

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The 16 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Oregon definitely has a bevy of bed and breakfasts you can choose from — 183 to be exact. Which begs the question, “How am I going to choose?

Thankfully, we can help you there. Out of the 183 bed and breakfasts residing in Oregon, we narrowed it down for you to 16 bed and breakfasts that we would recommend.

#1 – Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge

Rates: $160 to $640
Highlights: Rooms, suites, and houses with lakeside accommodations

The Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge is located in Gold Beach, Oregon, along the banks of the Rogue River. It is tucked away in the woodlands and is surrounded by spectacular landscapes that roll over the hills.

For boaters, the Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge has its own private dock that you can use to safely secure your boat.

Visitors often come back to the Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge because of its relaxing atmosphere and access to a variety of water sports including fishing, boating, jet skiing, and swimming.

Special events at the Tu Tu’ Tun include weddings, large family reunions, corporate getaways, corporate meetings and group vacations. If you want to get away from it all in a place where the world cannot reach you, then this is the spot for you.

#2 – Ocean House Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $199 to $255
Highlights: A gas fireplace and Jacuzzi

Ocean House Bed and Breakfast is located in the thriving little town of Newport.

The close proximity to the ocean and the Ocean House’s location among the wooded hills of the area give it some of the best views.

The rooms are situated to take advantage of the landscape and surroundings. The dining hall is the place where guests gather to have their meals and make new friends.

The big attraction at the Ocean House is undisturbed rest and relaxation along the ocean. There is no television service anywhere in the Ocean House, but there are plenty of great views of the ocean.

Newport is a busy little town that offers guests opportunities to experience local dining and shopping. Newport also offers coastal golf, whale watching tours, and tours of the local lighthouses.

#3 – Pana Sea Ah Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $110 to $249
Highlights: Many romantic packages that include private accommodations

Depoe Bay, Oregon is where you will find the Pana Sea Ah Bed and Breakfast with its ocean view and beach access.

Pana Sea Ah is a bed and breakfast that offers its guests plenty of opportunities to explore the wonders that surround Depoe Bay.

Pana Sea Ah offers such luxuries as homemade cookies every morning and a day filled with homemade cuisine. Families can enjoy a day of swimming in the crystal clear waters, while couples can gather around a beach campfire at night.

Along with all of the luxury options offered by the Pana Sea Ah, there are also several activities for guests to enjoy throughout Depoe Bay, such as:

  • Massage therapy
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Whale watching
  • Lighthouse tours
  • Kayak rentals

#4 – Floras Lake House By the Sea Bed and Breakfast


Rates: $160 to $195
Highlights: A relaxing lake house with an amazing view of the sunset

Floras Lake House By the Sea Bed and Breakfast is located in Langlois, Oregon on the shores of Floras Lake. Guests not only get to sit on the deck of the Lake House and see an amazing sunset, but they also get to enjoy miles of unspoiled beaches.

If you are interested in adding a bit of adventure to your stay by the lake, then you can enjoy the kite surfing and wind sailing lessons offered by the Lake House. Whether you are a novice or expert, you can hone your skills and hit the waves for some real water excitement.

Outdoor activities such as horseback riding on the beach, hiking, mountain biking, and paddle boats are all available. There are also restaurants and local shops to enjoy as you check out the things that Floras Lake has to offer.

#5 – The Willows

Rates: $150 to $250
Highlights: Spend the night in a real mansion with all of the amenities

The Willows is located in Central Point, Oregon and found in the National Register of Historic Places. This fully restored mansion has retained its history and charm, and there have been plenty of modern amenities added as well.

Along with its elegant setting, the Willows offers unique opportunities such as gourmet-level cooking classes and world-class cuisine cooked in an old style open kitchen.

People come from all over the area just to tour the Willows, which makes staying there that much more exciting.

The surrounding area adds to the ambiance of the Willows with a selection of world-class wineries. Crater Lake is the ideal spot for hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying the view.

Other local attractions include the opportunity to tour operational milling companies that still use the old stone-ground methods, and the chance to enjoy cross-country skiing.

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#6 – Sandes of Time Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $125 to $175
Highlights: A truly secluded spot with all of the modern amenities

Sandes of Time Bed and Breakfast is tucked away in a secluded part of Portland, Oregon. While guests have relatively quick access to the city, they can also relax in the quiet atmosphere of this restored home.

It feels like time no longer exists at Sandes of Time Bed and Breakfast, and that feeling is what inspired the name.

Every aspect of the service and amenities at the Sandes of Time Bed and Breakfast is designed to offer complete relaxation in a quiet and serene setting.

When you stay at the Sandes of Time Bed and Breakfast, you have all of the dining, shopping, and entertainment Portland has to offer. You are also close to the End of the Oregon Trail, which is a historic site that offers plenty of hiking and relaxation.

#7 – Hopewell Bed and Breakfast


Rates: $179 to $199
Highlights: Get your own cottage or lodge with access to the facility’s private lake

The Hopewell Bed and Breakfast in Hopewell, Oregon has been featured in such publications as the Los Angeles Times for its excellent service and quiet atmosphere. It is a place where families can enjoy peace and quiet, or couples can just relax.

The grounds of Hopewell Bed and Breakfast are highlighted by stone walkways with large wooden arches and docks that offer large Adirondack chairs.

Along with the cottages and cabins, guests can also choose to stay in private rooms that offer access to all of the Hopewell’s amenities.

The Hopewell Bed and Breakfast hosts events all year round and can also be reserved for weddings and special gatherings. Hopewell itself offers guests a wide variety of dining and entertainment.

#8 – ByBee’s Historic Inn

Rates: $140 to $199
Highlights: More than a touch of Victorian luxury

ByBee’s Historic Inn is located in Jacksonville, Oregon and capitalizes on its Victorian heritage. If you enjoy staying in a place where history comes alive, then you will enjoy ByBee’s Historic Inn.

From its fabric covered walls to distinct fireplaces, ByBee’s Historic Inn is definitely a Victorian adventure.

Past special events include a Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner, and ByBee’s goes all out when it comes to a Victorian Christmas celebration.

ByBee’s Historic Inn is located in a quiet neighborhood and gives guests access to the offerings of downtown Jacksonville. This inn is a quiet little place, and it is the ideal place to go if you are looking for relaxation.

#9 – Lanzarotta Bed and Breakfast

pexels-photo-30821 (2)

Rates: Not available
Highlights: A handmade bed and breakfast with plenty of luxury

The Lanzarotta Bed and Breakfast is in the heart of Eugene, Oregon’s wine country and close to the University of Oregon. It is tucked away in the forests of Willamette County, where peace and tranquility are plentiful.

The Lanzarotta Bed and Breakfast was built by hand on 40 acres of scenic wooded lands. Every aspect of the facility carries with it the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding forest.

Guests who visit the Lanzarotta Bed and Breakfast can take advantage of the many wine tours and see the spectacular King Estate Winery in person. Guests can also enjoy horseback riding in the woods, hiking, and plenty of fishing.

#10 – Thyme and Tide

Rates: $150 to $160
Highlights: A clean and comfortable getaway in a quiet neighborhood

The Thyme and Tide Bed and Breakfast is located in a little neighborhood in Oceanside, Oregon. The ocean is in the Thyme and Tide’s backyard, while the attractions at Cape Lookout and Cape Meares are only minutes away.

Thyme and Tide prides itself on a laid-back atmosphere enhanced by home cooking. The owners use only natural ingredients and have been recognized by TripAdvisor for their attention to recycling.

Oceanside offers activities such as:

  • Lighthouse tours
  • Kayaking
  • Hang gliding
  • Biking trails
  • Horseback riding lessons

#11 – Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast of Oregon

Rates: $140 to $165
Highlights: A relaxing country setting with plenty of beauty to enjoy

The Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast of Oregon is located in a quiet part of the busy city of Beaverton, Oregon. The manicured lawns and colorful gardens are there to help add to your relaxing stay.

One of the unique features of the Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast of Oregon is that each room is designed to represent a part of Oregon’s history. The rolling landscape that surrounds the Cornerstone helps to make it the ideal place for a getaway.

The Cornerstone is located in a part of Beaverton that gives guests access to a wide variety of activities. Sporting events, walking tours, the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Museum of Art are just some of the ways guests can pass the time.

#12 – Baywood Shores Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $199 to $239
Highlights: Each room has a Jacuzzi big enough for two people

Baywood Shores Bed and Breakfast is located in Lincoln City, Oregon, with ocean access in its backyard. The sea breeze is best felt while lounging on the back patio near the open fire pit.

The sea is the theme at Baywood Shores Bed and Breakfast, and each room has plenty of imagery to remind guests of how close they are to the ocean.

The food is all homemade, and the ambiance is very peaceful.

Lincoln City also has plenty of dining and shopping for guests who want to stretch their legs and get out to see the sights. The Cheese Factory and Air Museum in Tillamook are also popular with Baywood Shores Bed and Breakfast guests.

#13 – Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Rates: $245 to $435
Highlights: Get your own cabin and enjoy the peace and quiet of Oregon

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is located among the wooded hills of Carson, Washington. The area includes plenty of hiking and access to majestic waterfalls.

With Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, each guest gets their own cabin in the woods. These log cabins offer the ultimate in comfort, mixed with plenty of modern amenities.

Guests at the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins can spend their time exploring the Columbia River Gorge, touring the various wineries, and enjoying the natural surroundings through the bike trails and kayaking.

#14 – Portland’s White House

Rates: $155 to $250
Highlights: A real mansion that gives a real feeling of luxury

Portland’s White House is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, and its design will give your stay a presidential feel.

The structure is designed to look like the White House, and every guest gets the presidential treatment.

Guests at Portland’s White House feel like they are living in history as this historic facility is surrounded by the living history of the Irvington District itself. Every meal and amenity is set up to make every guest feel like they are being tended to by the staff of the real White House.

Portland’s White House is within driving distance of the best shopping and dining areas Portland has to offer. There is always something for guests to do when they stay at Portland’s White House.

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#15 – Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $160 to $260
Highlights: Comfort and luxury with a spectacular view of the surrounding area

Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast is located among the vineyards of Newberg, Oregon. It is set high in the hills that surround the valley, which offers a spectacular view for guests.

Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast features the local wines on its menu and also offers a wide selection of homemade cuisine. There are plenty of observation points that guests can use to just relax and see the surrounding area.

The surrounding area of Willamette Valley offers plenty of shopping and dining for visitors, along with access to their famous wineries.

#16 – McCall House Bed and Breakfast

Rates: $130 to $320
Highlights: A colorful experience that is rich in history

The McCall House Bed and Breakfast is located in Ashland, Oregon and has deep ties to the city’s history. Captain John McCall built the structure in 1883 and went on to become statesman and war hero of the Civil War.

The McCall House Bed and Breakfast is easy to distinguish thanks to its colorful landscaping and its own colorful exterior. The rooms are based on historic themes such as President Hayes and the medieval writer Chaucer.

Ashland has a rich heritage that includes an active theater community, a thriving wine industry, and plenty of other activities for guests.

Driving To Your Destination

AdobeStock_92667970 (1)-1600x1600 (12)

As you prepare for your drive out to one of Oregon’s many bed and breakfast locations, you should take the time to prepare for your trip. When you take the time to prepare, you significantly lower the chances of unforeseen events ruining your vacation.

Some of the most important actions to take prior to your trip include:

  • Get your car looked over thoroughly by a certified mechanic and have any repairs made before you go
  • Plan your trip using help from an automobile club, a travel agent or online resources such as Google Maps
  • Put together an emergency kit that includes water, non-perishable food items, blankets, road flares, and first aid essentials
  • Familiarize yourself with Oregon’s driving laws to make sure that you obey all traffic laws during your trip
  • Prepare for bad weather by pulling into a rest stop or pulling off the highway and finding a hotel to ride out the storm
  • Keep your car safe by checking your fluids and the air in your tires; pay attention to any of your car’s emergency warning lights

— Know Oregon’s Auto Insurance Laws

AdobeStock_66413216-1600x1600 (12)

Oregon has its own set of car insurance laws that you should understand before your leave for your vacation. The more important points of Oregon car insurance include:

  • Oregon is a “fault” state that requires the person who is deemed to be at-fault for an accident to pay for the damages through their insurance company
  • Despite being a fault state, Oregon does require drivers to carry PIP insurance in case of an accident
  • The minimum car $25,000 for injury or death of an individual, $50,000 total coverage for injury or death of multiple people in a single accident, $10,000 in property damage coverage, $15,000 personal injury protection (PIP) coverage

Oregon drivers should also carry these types of insurance in case of an accident:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist — If you get in an accident with someone who has little or no insurance, this coverage will protect you
  • Extra Liability — Get extra property damage coverage, as well as extended bodily injury liability (BIL) coverage in case of injuries
  • Comprehensive — This coverage will protect you if your car is stolen or if some non-accident related incident should occur

— Shop Around for the Best Auto Insurance

startup-photos (9)

Before you leave for Oregon, you can do some comparison shopping to find the policy that is right for you.

When you comparison shop for Oregon car insurance, be sure that you review your existing policy every six months with your agent to make sure you are getting the best deal and coverage.

Contact at least three or four agents representing different companies to get a good comparison, but don’t base your decision on price alone. That way you get the best coverage for the money.

Finally, check the financial health of the insurance provider you are considering to make sure they can fulfill the promises made in your policy.

Start comparison shopping today for better auto insurance before visiting Oregon! Enter your ZIP code below to begin!

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