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Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in Oregon

Here's what you need to know...
  • One of the leading causes of accidents and accident-related fatalities is distracted driving, but these accidents may be avoided
  • It’s easy to remove these distractions from your car in many instances, which can help reduce your chance of loss
  • Although any vehicle is prone to an accident, there are some vehicle makes that are more commonly involved in accidents
  • While choosing to purchase a safer case is an option, you should follow safe driving guidelines regardless of the vehicle you use
  • Purchasing car insurance coverage also exists to help you recover from losses and to help protect others on the road

Car crashes that result in a fatality are a common occurrence in many states; Oregon is no exception.

Distracted driving has caused an increase in accidents and fatalities on the road. These fatalities can even be deemed murder due to distracted driving incidents.

This incident of a car crash fatality was caused by distracted driving, as the driver was found to be using a mobile device while driving. Cell phones have become a popular form of communication, adding to the distractions that exist inside your car.

Focusing on the road, regardless of your experience behind the wheel, should always be your immediate priority.

When an incident like the above fatality occurs, this is just one of two types of car crash fatalities that happen. The classification is determined depending on how the injured individual passes away.

Sudden death fatalities are one type of car crash fatality in which the person passes away immediately due to the accident. This kind of death is often linked to excessive speed, reckless driving, or even a large vehicle colliding with a smaller vehicle.

Eventual death fatalities are the other type of car crash fatality in which the individual passes away at a later time due to complications or injuries that occurred during the accident.

It’s harder to categorize the types of accidents that cause these fatalities since any car crash can lead to this sort of fatality.

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Distracted Driving in Oregon

In Oregon and every other state, distracted driving is considered a high-risk factor that causes 1 out of every ten fatal crashes. Every time your car is being operated while you are distracted, you are introducing an increased risk of injury or death to your travels.

When it comes to the nation as a whole, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiles statistics regarding accidents and crashes.

In 2015, the NHTSA determined that 3,477 fatal crashes occurred due to distracted driving and these behaviors, meaning approximately 10 people died in fatal crashes each day.

When organizations like the NHTSA look at distracted driving, they consider many different types of events a distraction. There are visual distractions, manual distractions, and cognitive distractions, each of which impairs your ability to drive safely and focus on the road.

— Visual Distractions


Visual distractions occur from commonly engaged in activities, such as:

  • Adjusting your radio
  • Looking over at a passenger
  • Checking your phone to review an incoming text message

These simple distractions, which you may believe you manage effectively, keep you from watching the road and paying attention.

— Manual Distractions

AdobeStock_129622387-1600x1600 (2)

Manual distractions occur on their own or in combination with other distractions. A manual distraction may include:

  • Reaching into your backpack or purse for something
  • Pulling your phone up to answer a call
  • Grabbing a bite from your breakfast sandwich

Each of these is requiring you to physically interact with something, which removes focus from the road.

— Cognitive Distractions

AdobeStock_103193384-1600x1600 (4)

Cognitive distractions can also occur in combination with another distraction, as these distractions affect your mental focus.

A loud sound from outside the car, your phone going off unexpectedly, or even an illness or stress can cause you to be mentally impaired while operating your vehicle.

Oregon has placed a big focus on trying to reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road.

In Oregon, it’s estimated that there’s at least one injury due to distracted driving every three hours, which comes to 56 injuries each week.

Remember, in Oregon, it’s considered a criminal offense to use your phone or mobile device while operating a vehicle.

Using your phone or a mobile device in a car can lead to fines and jail time if you are arrested and convicted of this crime. You could also potentially injure another party, your passengers, or yourself.

Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes in Oregon

Oregon - Top Ten Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make

(Click here for interactive chart)

Narrowing down the statistics regarding fatal crashes can be time-consuming and challenging, but it’s important to remember that some cars are more likely to be involved in an accident compared to others.

This risk is increased when operating a vehicle while impaired or distracted.

The vehicles below are the ten vehicle makes that are involved in a majority of the fatal crashes in Oregon. Also make note that out of the ten vehicles, three ties occurred.

#10 — Suzuki

Established: October 1909
Vehicles Involved: 10

Known for their quality, Suzuki is a Japan-based automaker that is known for their motorcycles.

Suzuki is in the top ten when it comes to automakers based on their production as well.

#9 — Chrysler

Established: June 6, 1925
Vehicles Involved: 12

Chrysler is a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which is based out of Italy. The subsidiary operating in the United States is based in Michigan and has existed for over 90 years.

#8 — GMC

Established: July 22, 1911
Vehicles Involved: 12

GMC actually tied with Chrysler with how many vehicles they had involved in fatal car accidents.

The GMC product lines have been in existence for more than 100 years and focus mainly on:

  • Trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Utility vehicles

This product line came out of the desire to expand the General Motors vehicle lines into new areas that were not considered a traditional automobile.

#7 — Subaru

Established: July 15, 1953
Vehicles Involved: 20

Subaru is a popular automaker based in Japan that has expanded globally and is known for their long vehicle life.

Subaru vehicles are known for their use of the boxer engine, which is a unique layout that is also called a “flat engine.”

#6 — Datsun/Nissan

Established: December 26, 1933
Vehicles Involved: 20

Another tie took place between Datsun/Nissan and Subaru.

Datsun is a brand manufactured and owned by Nissan, which was discontinued for over 25 years before re-launching in 2013. Nissan is another Japan-based automaker that sells under multiple names, including the Infiniti brand.

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#5 — Honda

Established: September 24, 1948
Vehicles Involved: 45

Honda is the second largest automaker based in Japan, recently receiving this honor after being the largest motorcycle maker for more than 50 years.

Honda also operates under the Acura brand, which is considered a luxury vehicle line.

#4 — Dodge

Established: The early 1900s
Vehicles Involved: 45

Founded over 100 years ago, Dodge began as an independent company that eventually was purchased by Chrysler in the late 1920s.

Dodge is one of the more popular brands of car purchased in the United States.

Dodge is also the last tie in the group; Dodge tied with Honda for 45 vehicles involved in fatal car crashes.

#3 — Toyota

Established: August 28, 1937
Vehicles Involved: 63

Known for their popular hybrid electric car lines, Toyota has continued to increase production each year.

Toyota surpassed 10 million cars produced each year.

This manufacturer is based in Japan and currently ranks second globally in vehicle production.

#2 — Chevrolet

Established: November 3, 1911
Vehicles Involved: 68

The “Chevy” product line is manufactured by General Motors, which is a Michigan-based automaker.

In business for over 100 years, this vehicle manufacturer quickly became popular with the consumer, surpassing the Model T in the 1920s.

#1 — Ford

Established: June 16, 1903
Vehicles Involved: 86

Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest automakers in the United States, existing for over 100 years, and is also fifth in the global market.

Ford manufactures the popular Lincoln luxury car and is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the United States.

Tips to Avoid Fatal Car Accidents in Oregon

AdobeStock_38015788-1600x1600 (4)

Oregon continues to encounter more distracted driver accidents each year, and even with the actions taken to reduce these incidents, they continue to occur.

The increased amount of risk you take on every time you pick up your phone or take your eyes away from the road enhances the chance of an accident.

You can easily change your behaviors to make your travels safer.

Remaining focused on the road is your number one priority when you’re behind the wheel.

If you cannot drive safely and avoid distractions, you are potentially endangering others on the road, your passengers, and even yourself.

Following some helpful tips, you can help reduce your chance of being in a fatal crash:

  • Always turn your radio down when driving
  • Set your phone to use hands-free options while driving
  • Review any directions before getting behind the wheel
  • Use rest areas or safe places to pull off and utilize your phone
  • Make sure to wear any prescribe eyewear before operating your vehicle
  • Avoid operating your car when you’ve started a new prescription
  • Always avoid driving when you are impaired due to alcohol, drugs, or even illness and stress
  • Follow the posted speed limit signs when driving
  • Securely lock your safety belt in place
  • Drive for the weather you’re in, which means reducing speed in inclement weather
  • Make sure to use hazard lights when driving below the speed limit or when you’re off to the side of the road

Oregon encourages many commonly taught driving lessons as ways to reduce your potential for a fatal crash.

It’s important to follow other vehicles at a safe distance, which allows you enough time to slow or stop. Additionally, it’s important to obey the traffic lights, as trying to run a red light may cause fatalities.

Law enforcement has even begun to place cameras in different areas to catch drivers speeding through traffic signals.

Comparison Shop for the Right Coverage

startup-photos (7)

It’s important to consider how important your car insurance is when you’re driving. Car insurance protects other drivers on the road as well as anyone in your vehicle if they’re involved in a loss.

Additionally, you can never know for sure that other drivers carry the legally required insurance coverage, so having your coverage in place can protect you from other reckless drivers.

Reviewing your insurance policy should be part of your life, and you should assess your coverage every six months. Check if your coverage is still meeting your needs or if you should make adjustments to better align with your risk exposure.

When you are reviewing your policy, you may need to look at coverage quotes from other providers to determine if your coverage still meets your needs.

Make sure to compare policies from multiple providers, as three or four quotes offer you a better picture of what you can expect for your budget.

Price should never be the only determining factor, since price can vary based on the provider and the coverage you need.

Additionally, you should consider the financial health of your insurance provider or any provider you’re looking at purchasing coverage through. Each provider may have different financial strength, but choose a provider that can meet their obligations.

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